"Competition gives you a goal in aerobatics, you learn about yourself, your skills, your limits and your mental capabilities. You are, in fact, in competition with yourself. To consistently obtain peak performance demands dedication of both body and mind. There is no substitute in this quest for perfection"




Welcome in this magical and challenging world of aerobatics! I would like to share this wonderful and passionate adventure through this website.

Let me start with a quote, of one of the greatest pioneers in aviation, which very accurately describes this competition sport:


"The sport of Aerobatics, perhaps the ultimate union between science and art, where men can all but bring a machine to life, and a machine in turn can bring to a man some of the highest pinnacles of achievement and self expression which he can experience. There is no limit to what he can learn, and the aeroplane will open the door to an unending vista of beauty and knowledge. Here a man can know peace, loneliness, happiness, fear, triumph, and despair. It is not a sport for the timid, nor is there room for the conceited. The road to success is not easy, perhaps this is why it holds such an attraction in man's imagination. In this sport, man is faced with stark reality, and in the end it is not just the ability to make an aeroplane respond with grace and precision to his touch he will discover, but something far more important: the harsh truth about himself." - Neil Williams, Aerobatics © 1975


Photo © by Julien Mahiels